Monday, March 5, 2012

Life: Life thus far

Once upon a time, there was a girl from Colorado.  She loved it there, but there came a time when she had to grow up.  So what better place than at BYU.  Home of the cougars.  Her parents alma mater.  Full of her kind... The Mormons. And oh, how excited she was...

Well. I'm currently in my fourth semester at BYU.

[BYU campus entrance sign]

After MUCH deliberation, I have finally decided to major in Theater Ed. with a minor in English Ed. I am quite thrilled about it.

[a one-act I recently performed in]

Yes... It shall be fun. But I made the decision just a bit too late.  The program only accepts applications during Fall semester.  So this semester has been full of fun and games.  A lot of pinning. A lot of facebook.  A lot of dance class, voice lessons, acting class, and more fun.  Oh. And my boyfriend. Andrew and I are lucky that we got together when we did. Otherwise, my grades would be down the drain with how much time I spend with him. :)

[my wonderful boyfriend and me playing with laundry carts]

He's a cutie. :) We're complete goofballs in love.

Well, I do believe that about catches you up to my life's work.  Thrilling, I know. ;)
Until next time, lovely blog.


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