Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food: Mizithra Chicken with Honey, Lime, and Ginger Glaze

Once upon a time, there lived a girl.  She loved having adventuresome days.

Like today, for instance, I am going to have dinner and game night with Andrew and his sister (Alyssa) and her husband (Jeff).  I'm in charge of the main dish.  So a few days ago, Andrew and I decided on chicken.  I asked him if he'd rather have it with pasta or rice. He chose rice.  Ok.  Would you rather have it Mediterranean or Asian?  Mediterranean.  Ok.  ... think think think...

I think here is an appropriate time to interject with a somewhat related and completely necessary pic found on Pinterest...

This is my life. Thanks Pooh. We agree perfectly once again.

ANYway... After much think-think-thinking... I finally decided to not go off of a recipe, but to make one up.

So here goes...

Mizithra Chicken with Honey, Lime, and Ginger Glaze
  • 4 limes
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 T. ground ginger
  • 1/2 cup rice cooking wine
  • 1/4 lb mizithra cheese, grated
  • 6 chicken breast tenderloins 
  • about 1 t. cornstarch (really it's as needed)
In a mixing bowl, squeeze out lime juice (I used a spoon to get out as much of the juice as possible).  Whisk together with honey, sugar, oil, ginger, and the cooking wine.  Set aside.

Somewhere in there you're going to want to preheat the oven to 350­°. 

Thaw chicken.  Once thawed, place one tenderloin inside a gallon ziploc and pound it till it's flat.  Be careful not to puncture the chicken.  You want it in one piece.  Do this to all of the tenderloins.  

Put chicken in a 9x13 pan (I had to do this three at a time. If you have a pan that's big enough for all of them, by all means, use it).  Pour about half (only enough to cover the chicken) of the marinade into the pan.  Marinade for only 30 minutes (if you do it for longer, the acids with disintegrate the chicken).  

Remove from marinade and put on a sprayed baking sheet.  In the middle of the flattened, marinaded chicken, put a sprinkling of cheese.  Roll it up long ways... So it's long, not wide... Like a taquito... Hope that makes sense. 

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is no longer pink and starting to turn golden.

While the chicken is baking, combine the sauce used for marinade with the rest of the sauce and the cornstarch in a sauce pan.  Bring to a simmer, stirring constantly, till thickens to desired consistency. (Actually, the sauce never thickened when I did it... So we just used it runny... which was still delicious).

When chicken is done baking, cut into 1/2 inch thick pinwheels.

Serve with rice, smothered in the sauce, with the chicken pinwheels on top.

Sorry I have no pictures. I'm currently between cameras, and I forgot to have Andrew take some for me. Meh. Oh well. You'll have plenty more of my delectable delicacies to see in the future. :)

Till next time lovely blog,
Amanda Diane

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life: Warm Winter

Once upon a time, a girl lived in Provo, Utah. She loved it there.  ...

And generally it's pretty cold this time of year... Like freezing cold... Like ice and snow covering the ground so you forget what sidewalk looks like...

But lately the weather has been weirding me out... Yesterday it got up to 60°.  Today we have a high of 55°.  Tonight, however, we are supposed to have two inches of snow... Only to be warm again by the weekend... I really don't understand it.

But whether I understand it or not is irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is I am absolutely loving it.  Aside from the occasional down-pouring of snow, Autumn jumped right into Spring.  It's been divine.

Today, for instance, I missed my bus home which was really a glorious thing because I got to walk home.  The sky was overcast and there was just the right amount of a slight breeze.  I just couldn't make myself walk fast.  I couldn't get my speed to accelerate much faster than a mosey.  And why should I? I had a four hour break ahead of me.

So as I was taking my usual route home, I noticed that there is a cute little corner shop on the way.  How had I not noticed before??  So, naturally, after making this discovery I walked right in!  I walked around for a time just looking at the packages, boxes, bottles, bags, and other miscellaneous items filled with goodness.

I eventually ended up at the cash register with a Lunchable, a Jones Soda, and a Hostess Fruit Pie.  In retrospect, I probably should have taken a picture of my loverly picnic makings before I devoured them... But I was hungry... So I apologize... This mashed up picture (supplied by Google Images and Paint) will just have to suffice.

So such was my walk home. And it was truly blissful.

One side-note... Just because I'm smitten and I think we're adorable and everyone should know about us... :)
Here's the text convo Andrew and I were having while my adventures home were ensuing:

Andrew:  My beautiful, sweet Amanda.  I beheld the most beautiful sunrise this morning that I've seen in quite some time.  The clouds above the snow capped mountains seemed to be ablaze with fire and the array of colors that emblazoned the sky astounded me.  At that moment  I wanted nothing more than to hold you in my arms and share with you in enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  Though I was not able to go through with this desire I know we will have many more times to hold each other, to see and experience amazing and beautiful things together, and have our love grow and develop together.  I love you Amanda , more and more everyday. :)

Amanda:  Oh my dear Andrew... How you captivate me so.  I am yours through and through.  Gush gush mush mush :P Haha

Andrew:  Hahahahaha I love you. ;)

Amanda:  Haha Right back at ya, stud! ;)

I told you we're adorable.

Till next time, lovely blog,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Life: Life thus far

Once upon a time, there was a girl from Colorado.  She loved it there, but there came a time when she had to grow up.  So what better place than at BYU.  Home of the cougars.  Her parents alma mater.  Full of her kind... The Mormons. And oh, how excited she was...

Well. I'm currently in my fourth semester at BYU.

[BYU campus entrance sign]

After MUCH deliberation, I have finally decided to major in Theater Ed. with a minor in English Ed. I am quite thrilled about it.

[a one-act I recently performed in]

Yes... It shall be fun. But I made the decision just a bit too late.  The program only accepts applications during Fall semester.  So this semester has been full of fun and games.  A lot of pinning. A lot of facebook.  A lot of dance class, voice lessons, acting class, and more fun.  Oh. And my boyfriend. Andrew and I are lucky that we got together when we did. Otherwise, my grades would be down the drain with how much time I spend with him. :)

[my wonderful boyfriend and me playing with laundry carts]

He's a cutie. :) We're complete goofballs in love.

Well, I do believe that about catches you up to my life's work.  Thrilling, I know. ;)
Until next time, lovely blog.


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